TrackPro Manages Sway In All Driving Conditions

Weight Distributing Hitch


With All-New Sway Management Technology

No add-on sway control.  Interchangeable spring bars.

Includes 2-5/16”, 13K chrome hitch ball.

Built-In Soft Ride Technology allows for
a smooth ride under all road conditions

Tapered spring bars augments
the suspension of the tow
vehicle and trailer

The rigid L brackets provide
two points of sway
controlling friction

Fast hookup.

Back up without

Three Models:

BXW0850, Tongue Weight Capacity 800 lbs. • BXW1050, Tongue Weight Capacity, 1,000 lbs.
BXW1350, Tongue Weight Capacity 1300 lbs.

Limited LIfetime Warranty

Parts and Accessories

Shank Kits

BXW4036, 7 Hole

BXW4037, 9 Hole 

BXW4068, 11 Hole

BXW4039, 2-1/2" 9 Hole

Spring Bars

BXW4040, 800 lbs.

BXW4041, 1000 lbs.

BXW4042, 1300 lbs.

Spring Lift Tool


L-Bracket Kit

BXW4044 (pair)

L-Bracket Kit

BXW4045 (single DS)

L-Bracket Kit

BXW4046 (single PS)

Pin Kit


TrackPro Hitch Head


Hitch Ball

2-5/16", 13K, Chrome Plated


L-Pin Kit


Replacement L Bracket


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