Wiring Kits

Wire your towed vehicle for flat towing.

EZ-Light Wiring Kits


Connect to the tow vehicle's electrical system in as little as 15 minutes.
Includes wiring for the towed vehicle's:

Taillights, turn signals, and brake lights.

BX8869 Bulb & Socket
Taillight Wiring Kit


The bulb & socket kit does not tap into the vehicle’s existing wiring.
Fits most vehicles with clearance
in taillight. 


Operated by the towing vehicle.

Diode Kit


With 50 OHM Resistor.

Connects brake, taillights,
and turn signals.

In-line resistor on the wiring harness
for vehicles with LED brake and
running lights on the same wire.

BX8848 Diode
Wiring Kit


Connects RV’s tail, brake, and turn signal lights to towed vehicle’s light system.  Includes 26’ long, 4-wire harness; 3 diodes; and detailed instructions. 

Diodes prevent electrical feedback. 

BX88267 (Red Bulbs)
BX88269 (White Bulbs) 
LED Taillight Kit


LED bulb & socket kits are brighter and smaller, allowing for ease of installation in compact taillight housings.

Does not tap into the vehicle's existing wiring.  Operated by the towing vehicle.


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