All-New Sway Management

Premium Ride

Tapered spring bars augment
the suspension of the
tow vehicle and the trailer.

Fast Hookup

Attach the spring bars to
the L-Brackets.  Go.
Backup without disconnecting.

TrackPro is available in 7, 9, & 11 Hole Shanks and 
trailer tongue weight capacities from 500 to 1300 lbs.

On the Level

TrackPro distributes the trailer tongue weight evenly to the tow vehicle.

Stay on Track

TrackPro prevents sway caused by 
bad roads, wind from passing
vehicles, or weather.


Sway prevention is provided by
caster in the hitch head and 

sway control by additional points
of friction.

Recommended Accessories

BX88351 Trailer Coupler Lock

BX8858 5/8" Receiver Lock


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