Dinghy Tow Brakes

Since 2012, Motorhome Magazine has asked their readers to identify their favorite motorhome products and lifestyle-related subjects in their Reader's Choice Awards.

Blue Ox has won the top award, the
Reader's Choice Gold Award, for its Patriot brakes for 2019

Patriot 3

Fast Setup

Attach the brake claw, plug in the power cord,
push the setup button, go.

It's Electric

Electric, self-contained.  Designed to make
towing fast and easy.

No Tanks

No tank to drain.  No pumps or hoses
to connect.

In-Cab Controller

Monitors the brake and allows manual
input for braking response. 

Works with Hybrids

If you have a hybrid vehicle, Patriot 3 will get you on the road.

Recommended Accessories

BRK2506 Protective Bag


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